tempus energy is revolutionising electricity systemS WITH DEMAND FLEXIBILITY so that customers and the environment are at the heart of our future grid 

We are a clean-tech company that uses AI and smart algorithms to control and optimise when flexible assets use energy. Our software platform connects a customer’s flexible assets to a retailer’s energy trading team, and optimises the customer’s consumption based on predicted pool prices. 

Most customers have flexibility in their electricity consumption and Tempus Energy has experience working with SME’s and large business customers to identify and unlock flexible assets. These assets are optimised by automatically shifting load from expensive half hourly periods to cheaper periods within the agreed safe working parameters of the asset.

This optimisation ensures lowest price & lowest carbon emissions; bringing together energy market forecasts and customer consumption predictions to make sure the right asset is doing the right thing at the right time.


what is Flexible Energy?


Modern technology is giving us greater control over our devices – and when they use electricity. Devices with flexible energy can shift their electricity consumption without compromising on your requirements.


Existing electricity systems use fossil fuel generators to adjust supply, responding to customer demand. Using technology to adjust the demand of your flexible devices allows you to optimise your use of renewable supply.


Renewable generation drives the price of your electricity down. A system which is flexible about when it consumes electricity helps your business and helps the planet.


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