Tempus Technology


Our technology predicts three things:

  1. High and low price events in the day’s electricity market
  2. Your consumption, minute by minute, throughout the day
  3. How flexible your consumption can be

It uses these predictions to optimise the use of your flexible load.

The Tempus technology uses smart controls working with our machine learning (AI) to predict market prices and automatically adjusts non time critical energy usage to achieve the lowest cost. This process happens without any  interference to your business operations or staff, but, should you need to there is the ability to override these controls.


Price Prediction: Our technology looks at a  rolling five hour window of forward prices on the market and ranks the highest and lowest price periods. It is updated every five minutes.  The input data includes market information, load and climate data. 

Load Prediction and Flexibility: The machine learning part of the algorithm is critical to be able to exploit the price information. Over time the Tempus technology learns and expands on how flexible your load is; how it responds under different conditions and how much you are likely to need. With this information, the load can be controlled to stay within the limits you have set while operating at the optimal times.

Our machine learning algorithms continuously  adjust these predictions and combine this knowledge to create your optimal use profile while our BMS integration ensures that your equipment follows this optimal profile.